Our Safety Policy

The health and safety of all employees /sub trades is very important in the conduct of our business. We must try and prevent accidents from happening in the workplace. Therefore we have set up a safety policy to provide a safe work environment.
With proper procedures, equipment, and training programs we can prevent accidents in the workplace. We expect all employees / subtrades to work in a manner which safeguards themselves and their co-workers.

  1. No employees / subtrades will be assigned to work in unsafe conditions, or with unsafe tools or equipment.
  2. If such a condition exists, it is to be reported to the supervisor, who will take correct action.
  3. Employees / subtrades are to pay strict attention to thier work. Joking and horseplay will not be permitted.
  4. All warning signs are to be posted and obeyed by all.
  5. Caution should be taken by operators of power equipment.
  6. Employees should refrain from running.
  7. Safety boots and hard hats must be worn at all times. If necessary for type of work safety glasses, gloves, etc.
  8. No loose clothing or jewelry while working on or near machinery.
  9. All accidents are to be reported immediately to the supervisor.
  10. No smoking allowed near flammable chemicals or in any non smoking area.
  11. When using any tools that create a source of ignition a proper fire extinguisher must be present.
  12. All equipment are to have valid fire extinguishers.
  13. All tanks scheduled for removal must be properly pumped and purged before removal.
  14. Any excavation around or near underground services, must be exposed by hand and accompanied by proper stake outs.
  15. All general contractors and owner safety policies must be followed.

- Cameron Welch, President/Owner

Every employee that works for the Cameron Welch Management team are trained and have received the following certifications:

  • CPR
  • Fall Arrest
  • First Aid
  • PMH 2/3